Portland Moss Removal and Roof Cleaning

Gresham Roof Cleaning and Moss Removal

Portland Moss Removal

We are a local company here in Portland that specializes in Moss Removal.

At Northwest Shine our main focus is making sure our customers are happy.

WE STRIVE TO PROVIDE THE LOWEST PRICES, paired with great quality!

We are always ready to accommodate the needs and schedules of our customers.

How do we Remove Moss from your roof?

First we hand brush and physically remove all the moss from your roof. Then we blow all the moss off. Finally a treatment can be applied to your roof to prevent future moss growth.

 How damaging can moss be to your home?

When moss starts grow on your shingles the moss holds in moisture that erodes your shingles and cause roof damage, and leak which can lead to few thousand dollars for a new roof. If you have moss on your roof don’t wait till you have to pay an arm and a leg from a new one.

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