How Moss Destroys Your Roof


How Moss Destroys Your Roof ?

The unsightly look of moss on roofs is not the only reason that control of this moss is important. Moss will often grow so vigorously that it causes the shingles or shakes to become loosened and raised. Under very wet conditions, water can back up under these raised areas and cause interior leaks and water damage.

Often accompanying the moss will be a green coating of algae on those areas that the moss has not yet colonized. Algae become very slippery and treacherous and have been implicated in more than one roof-related disaster. Call a professional to remove your moss problem.

Roof Moss Removal Processes

The best method for cleaning Moss off the Roof is gently hand brushing it. This is a thorough but gentle process that will physically remove all moss from your roof. After the moss is removed it is cleaned along with all debris off the roof. All Moss is cleaned from your gutter to avoid any downspouts from clogging.

After a Roof has been cleaned from all Moss, we then apply an Eco-Friendly roof treatment. This keeps Moss from growing on your roof for up to a year. Annual roof treatments should be scheduled to keep your Roof Moss Free and extend the life of your Roof.

We received 2014 and 2015 Angie's List Super Service Award and Rated #1 for Moss Removal.

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Many roof cleaners will not touch a cedar shake roof. This is because the amount of labor, experience and safety issues involved when cleaning cedar shake roofs. When cedar becomes wet, its like ice. Being 20 feet off the ground makes this task one only an expert should do.


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