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Portland, Oregon Roof Moss Removal

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Here in Portland, OR Roof Moss grows abundantly. There are a lot of myths and unanswered questions about roof moss. To put it simply, moss destroys your roof in two ways. The roots (called rhizoids) work their way into your roof, separating and eating away at the shingles, and, in the worst cases, the wooden support structure of your roof. Secondly, moss holds moisture like a sponge that never dries. The water stored in your moss causes the wood and shingles on your roof to literally rot. It is important to catch moss early on and to prevent it from coming back. Northwest Shine removes moss from your roof by hand with a set of stiff bristled brushes. Then a roof treatment can be applied that kills any remaining moss particles and spores. The treatment changes the ph level of the roof, neutralizing the roof and making it difficult for the moss to grow back. It is a tried and true method, and it is the safest most effective way possible to remove rooftop moss. You will be surprised at how cost effective it can be. Especially when it could double, or triple, the life of your roof. It’s a no-brainer.

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