Portland Window Cleaning

How We Clean Your Windows:

To insure the best clean we thoroughly wash the windows inside and out with a cleaning solution and squeegee them dry, NO streaks, NO spots! All screen are removed and hand washed. We also clean the window/door tracks and seals.

Services for Window Cleaning Includes:

    • View Windows
    • Door Windows
    • High-Rise Windows
    • Skylight
    • Mirror

We DO NOT Clean Storm Windows

Convenient For You:

We can start from inside or outside of your building, whatever works best for your schedule. Upon request we remove storm windows and to clean the glass to give an all-around clear clean look.

Why Choose Us:

Our Window Cleaning Services out shine our competitors. Northwest Shine cares for your entire window cleaning needs. We are professional, experienced, and friendly and will provide the best quality work for your home or business. Window Cleaning is what we do.



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